Germany / I make yarn and I love many things - fibre arts, archery, comic books, (heavy) metal, steampunk, Star Trek, Doctor Who, street art, and so much more!
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ME2: mission by ~QueenMargo on deviantART

Grunt is indifferent. ____________________________ Tegaki E, Wacom Bamboo Art - ~QueenMargo, 2011 all characters © Bioware Other comics and drawings with my Shepard: name .

ME art,фэндомы,ME персонажи,Femshep,Jack,atomiccaffeine

Fanart Sketch brotp jack mass effect mass effect 2 commander shepard femshep Subject Zero atomicdraws jack was and always will be the number 1 homegirl i missed her so much in asari not sorry psychotic biotic

Shupurd shtap. (Mass effect) by on @DeviantArt Maybe something for ?

Selene Shepard with her sniper squad. Always some other squad mate is stealing your kills. __________ Mass effect stuff belongs to Bioware, art made by me.