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Garten - Trockenmauer - Naturstein - What to do with all the rocks - maybe with succulents planted on top?

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Possibly do this with old shed attached to house attached to the side of the house. Helpful to have a stone or brick wall come up 3 feet or so to keep out critters

Gartenzäune gibt es in unendlich vielen Ausführungen. Es gibt sie aus Holz, Metall, Eisen oder Beton. Auch Pflanzen oder Mauern funktionieren gut als Gartenzaun oder Sichtschutz. Wer einen individuellen Gartenzaun bevorzugt kann ihn auch selber bauen (diy) oder beliebig streichen. Der Kreativität sind bei Gestaltung und Stil des Gartenzauns keine Grenzen gesetzt.

Living Fences – How To Make A Living Fence. It's all well and good until the deer you're trying to keep out eat the fence itself.

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Maintaining a healthy hydroponic growing system isn't always easy. Here are a few reasons why hydroponic

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Create a beautiful and low maintenance garden incorporating river rock; landscaping with a dry stream and using river rock to accent your garden.

Attached greenhouse, 'safe' harvesting in the winter...

Attached greenhouse, 'safe' harvesting in the winter. I like the walkway width, and the clear fiber glass is ok too

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Portal Through The Woods by ~Asphodel-Foxx. [read a lot of fantasy books when I was kid, wishing I could find a portal to another land, and if I ever stumbled upon this in the woods I would have lost my mind]