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Hier ist für jeden was dabei, ob Strickmuster aus Dr Who, Hogwarts Quilts, Cthulhu Amigurumi, Star Wars X-Wing Origami, gehäkelte Sackboys oder Schnitte für…
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two pieces of fabric sitting next to each other on a wooden table with one piece cut out
Celebrating 51 Years of Star Trek
Today is the 51st Anniversary of the first episode of Star Trek! Finished these blocks just in time! Big love! <3 (Hexatopia, English Paper Piecing, EPP)
a blue knitted glove with a shark on it sitting on top of a wooden table
To Boldly Go … Knit a Pair of Star Trek Socks, FREE Pattern! - KnitHacker
a blue and white knitted headband sitting on top of a wooden table next to a ball of yarn
Pi Scarf
an older woman holding up a blue and white blanket
a white and black knitted vest with an angel on the front, sitting on a mannequin head
Doctor Who Fans! Double-Knit This Amazing ‘Don’t Blink!’ Weeping Angel Scarf, Designed By Tess Campbell - KnitHacker
four balls of yarn and two mittens on a table
Mandalorian Mitts to Knit
Mandalorian Mitts to Knit – Knitting
two harry potter hogwarts bookmarks on the floor
knitting patterns – Threadpanda
Ispirato a Tolkien
the knitting pattern has been made to look like it is knitted in blue and green
Warm Cowls with Fun Motifs - Free Knitting Patterns
two knitted ties sitting on top of a white table next to legos and other items
Star Wars Double Knit Scarf Free Knitting Pattern - Knitting Pattern
Star Wars Double Knit Scarf Free Knitting Pattern - Knitting Pattern
two knitted mittens with designs on them, one has a face and the other has eyes
Therese Sharp's Geeky Mitten Knitting Patterns
a pair of yellow socks that have been worn by someone who is sitting on the floor
someone's feet wearing socks with blue and white designs
a cross - stitch bag with the words not all those who wander are lost on it
Knit Happy Haunts Socks Free Knitting Pattern Knit Mittens, Knitted Socks Free Pattern, Halloween Knitting Patterns Free, Stranded Knitting Patterns
Happy Haunts Socks Free Knitting PatternKnitting Pattern
a blue and orange quilt on the floor
936 Houses, 6552 Scrap Pieces - My Mom Does Incredible Work