4 Cuddly Towel Animals

Having Overnight Guests? Leave Them A Cute Surprise With These 4 Cuddly Towel Animals

Mamaaa, mir ist langweilig! Sicher kommt euch dieser Satz bekannt vor. Hier kommen fünf einfache DIY-Ideen, die ihr zusammen mit euren Kindern umsetzen könnt...

Nie wieder Langeweile! 5 geniale DIY-Ideen für Kinder

Awesome Easter Egg Firefly Bug craft to do with the kids! Great for a nighttime Easter Egg Hunt or summer fun! You can also use a small glow stick for the light inside. by MaChristy

Kalter Hund - Ein schokoladiger Kuchen ohne Backen mit Butterkeksen f�r Kinder

Kalter Hund

"Kalter Hund" a. "Cold Dog", a "no bake" chocolate and cookie cake which originates in the and enjoyed its peak popularity in the to (Chocolate Fondant Cake)

Partyrezepte Fingerfood kalt Buffet

Delicious Edible Displays What’s better than a centerpiece that serves two purposes? Make an edible centerpiece of charcuterie, plates of fruit, or containers of cookies – it will feed and impress your guests!

Freudentränentaschentücher für die Vintage Hochzeit. Im Bohostil. Einfaches Tutorial

Freudentränen & Taschentücher - Drei Bastelideen

Wie gestaltet man am besten den Hochzeit Tischplan. Ein Guide findet man hier.

Hochzeit -Tischplan erstellen 101

To help take your mind off seating politics, we’ve put together a collection of our favourite summer table plan ideas for Summer weddings

DIY holiday wreaths (click through for the tutorial)

How to Make Asymmetrical Holiday Wreaths

Learn how to make asymmetrical holiday wreaths in just a handful of steps. And the secret material to help keep flowers fresh longer.

Sockentiere Anleitung Krake - schoenstricken.de

diy / Sockentiere - Krake basteln

Socks turned into an octopus. Stuff with fabric or plastic bags, sew shut, and cut bottom into legs. So cute. Great idea for those cute socks that you just can't find the match to.