Style Ideas- Stenciled Concrete patio - pattern styles, yep, this is the next one, now I just have to talk Ken into it.

Insektenhotel - gut für die Umwelt und für den heimischen Garten

Arranging a few old bricks on top of each other makes a simple insect house within minutes. The voids in each layer can be filled with old stems, twigs and other prunings collected from the garden. Bug hotel made from bricks and bamboo - © Lee Avison/GAP

Concrete pavers. They only look like wood, but without the upkeep and rot!

DIY: Reclaimed Wood and Rock Patio.Driveway of my house c railroad ties and mosaic as walkways to tie together! My house!

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Mosaic floor - this is what we had planned to do in our condo bathroom years ago. it would be beautiful for a patio or walkway too.

Garten Steine Pflaster durcheinander

Miscellaneous bricks for an artsy patio

sendero tropical tropical trail

Ideas for creating beautiful, useful side yards that work with any narrow garden

Love this idea for a side yard actually! Pathway's concrete block+brick steps with water catching surround gravel, path covering pergola & lush vegetation details

kiesel fußwege kunst steine groß Mehr

15 magische Kieswege, die wie Flüsse fließen

Who doesn't want a beautiful path to walk on through their garden? Check out these 25 beautiful ideas for garden paths you will want in your garden!

Collect old bricks and stones to make a mosaic and stunning!

Great looking mosaic Collect old bricks and stones to make a mosaic patio.