Genial!!! Die Barbapapas aus Steinen!!! ❤️❤️❤️

Barbapapa Stones

The Barbapapas make a great DIY toy project - little kids can look for smooth stones and help paint the background color. Mom can add the faces later. This project is easy and a great toy!

45 Jahre Barbapapa!

Some of my favourite French books and childhood characters- Barbapapa!


I have a Barbapapa plushie that I sleep with every night, and I can't sleep without hugging something

Barbouille Slate

Our little Ella would go completely gaga over this: Barbouille Blackboard. (Don't know who Barbouille is, go here!

Notitieblok in de vorm van Barbapapa #Barbapapa #notitieblok #notitie

Notitieblok in de vorm van Barbapapa #Barbapapa #notitieblok #notitie