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a person using a circular saw to cut down a large tree trunk with a power tool
Mit Gratis-Anleitung: So baust du eine trendige Baumstammlampe selbst!
Lampe aus Holzstamm und Epoxidharz: Gratis-Anleitung! | selbermachen.de
a wooden bench sitting in the middle of a forest
Cedar plank/slab stump bench
a stair rail made out of wood sticks
Diamond willow for our spindles on the stairs and maple railings
a wooden bench sitting on the side of a road
a statue of a man with a beard and moustache on it's face
wizard chainsaw carving
wizard chainsaw carving | Flickr - Photo Sharing!
a wooden bench made out of logs on a gray background with the back turned to look like it has been carved
10 Log Furniture Ideas | Woodz
Log furniture ideas
a statue of a man with a long toothbrush in his mouth is on the street
Interessante Skulptur Mehr #woodworking
a sculpture made out of wood and metal
TOTUM 17013 L. 43cm l. 2,7cm h. 152cm
a wooden sculpture of a bird with its beak open
Franz Barwig - Sup, (kolem 1910)
Franz Barwig - Sup, (kolem 1910)