Black and White Easter

Easter crafts that will cool up your home. Mix it up with this year's Easter Baskets.make some Black and white Easter bunnies.

DIY: leuk idee met papieren bekertjes, maak er een konijntje van en vul ze met paaseieren. Klein cadeautje waar je ieder kind een plezier mee doet. Wil je een gezonde variant? Vul het bekertje dan met snack worteltjes!

Easter Bunny Egg Cup


modern Easter eggs decoration ideas black and white egg with personal message

concrete eggs

Smaller Vintage Inspired Concrete Eggs ~ could probably do this with plastic eggs as mold, sprayed with oil inside so it wont stick

Funny eggs

We can do art with Egg in so many ways. here are a unique collection of funny eggs expressions. Watch these interesting funny eggs photos.

25  ways to decorate Easter Eggs

25+ ways to decorate Easter Eggs

Glitter Easter Eggs Go glam by adding glitter and polka dots to brown eggs. They're sure to be a bowl full of pretty.

30 Second No Mess Egg Decorating

Monsieur Egg: 30 second no mess egg decor

Easy Egg Decoration with Monsieur Egg: 30 second no mess egg decor, fun creative ideas to decorate eggs in your house (without boiling!