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Bender Photo Collage - I used a x canvas with blocks of Think quilt blocks. Glue pictures on with Elmers glue leaving a small border between. I nailed (every 12 inches or so)the canvas to wall behind random pictures to keep it s


Roses are one of the most popular flowering plants and also the most popular by the people of Indonesia and the world. The demand for this flower is getting more and more day, either as an ornament…

Tolle Gartendeko. Quelle:

Tolle Gartendeko. Quelle:

weiße moderne treppen neben einer steinwand im luxushaus

Love the clean white concrete stairs in front of the rough textured stone wall!

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A beautiful living space was created whent this steep slope was held back with a terraced wall. I love the chunky wood steps and bench seat.


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Genügend Lifehacks für die komplette Zeit von der Geburt bis zum Schulabschluss

Wenn deine Kinder immer ihre Schuhe suchen, montiere so eine Leiste direkt neben der Haustür an.