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ESP32 WiFi Hits 10km with a Little Help #wirelesshacks #antenna #decibels #ESP32 #friisequation

[Jeija] was playing with some and in true hacker fashion, he wondered how far he could pull them apart and still get data flowing. His video answer to that question covers the Friis equation…

Watch me edit this newborn photo in Photoshop as part of a 2 image outdoor newborn series. Edited completely by hand with hand edits in…

So here you will learn to change background and putting some fake sun rays to create seamless photoshop manipulation using adjustment layers, camera raw and .

AWind - Arduino window library for tft displays

AWind - Arduino window library for tft displays

Sparkle Photoshop Action - Photo Effects Actions

Buy Sparkle Photoshop Action by sevenstyles on GraphicRiver. Watch the above video for a demonstration of the action and detailed video tutorial Sparkle Photoshop Action Create .

I use this speaker on my room and it has bluetooth so very handy to play music.

Again I found some old speakers which we didn't use so I thought lets make something nice of them :)I designed a wooden box to put them in and this