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Friends Fotoshooting - PicturePeople Fotostudios

Friends Fotoshooting - PicturePeople Fotostudios (How To Make Friends As A Teenager)

Fotografie von Kirschblüten. Die Natur hat viele schöne Fassetten.

reflection / the literal mirror image of an object on a surface and also the more conceptual idea of balancing elements within a design. Or let go and feel the beauty of this image.

Cheers to the city that never sleeps! Skyscrapers in New York: http://www.ohhcouture.com/2017/02/monday-update-44/ #ohhcouture #leoniehanne

Monday Update #44

Der Blausee in der Schweiz. Einfach ein Traum!

Deine Informationsquelle zu Welt- & Langzeitreisen

Lichtstrahlen im Eifelwald - Bild & Foto von Ingrid Lamour aus Wald - Fotografie (27166969) | fotocommunity Mehr

Golden Sun Rays, Schwarzwald, Germany — I have been in the Black Forest, but what a gorgeous photograph!

Ich möchte auch so eine Laterne haben

This photo reminds me of the Lamppost spoken of so often in the Chronicles of Narnia--especially "The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe." all written by C. Lewis and fabulous reading.

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