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The Best Apology Is Changed Behavior

Wenn es nur so leicht wäre

11 Quotes To Remember When Life Is Unfair

Never.absolutely never. That terrible awful abusive house of crazy will never be my home. It took a minute, but I'm finally content with that.


Don't trust what you see, even salt looks like sugar

There is a reason why I think this is funny. One day my ex boyfriends grandmother gave me sugar she didn't have her glasses on I should've known right then lol I went to go make no bake cookies and I was super excited to bite in that cookie they are my fa

(2) Auf all die verlogenen Menschen.

Und die Moral von der Geschicht: Fuck the world oder sie fickt dich.

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Ein Blog übers Stempeln mit Stampin up

Es geht weiter, weil wir stets nach vorne schauen sind wir alle so starke…

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