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Taurus makeup. Maquiagem Signo de touro

The Toronto-based model and makeup artist, Setareh Hosseini, has created an amazing series of makeup looks for every star sign in the zodiac. In a caption accompanying each photo, she explains the star sign's personality traits and how they.

By Setareh Hosseini

Capricorn: Her determination is admirable, her self-containment powerful. She's concrete, ambitious and in charge. Always leading loyally and achieving relentlessly. No mountain is high enough for her to climb, and her love is as stable as the earth.

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Fiery and fiercely passionate, she wears a steel armor and her horns always aim ready for battle. Forever taking charge and continuously looking for dynamic and competition. Driven by avidity and born a fearless leader, she bares a pure and almost childli

(by Setareh Hosseini)

"She personifies innocence, purity and justice. Her earthly nature makes her exceedingly clever and analytical. All that is beautiful to her erupts in subtle, though magnificent spectacle. She's a maiden & belongs to the pristine; always striving to bring