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Imagen de levi, rivaille, and anime

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Levi Ackerman, water, drowning, chair, sad, flowers; Attack on Titan

✖Artist: Kawauso✖ ✖Anime: Attack on Titan✖ ✖Character: Levi Ackerman✖ . ♡~Tell me if you want to be tagged or you're having upload wishes~♡ .

Levi *major nosebleed* --- imagine him saying "do u wanna join" and pulls you to himself. whispers to your ear.... and then...and...then...he... *dies*

Levi *major nosebleed* --- Imagine him saying, "Do u wanna join me?" and pulls you REAL close to himself then whispers to your ear. *Sorry I could not finish rest of the story, I have died from a major nosebleed*