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They forgot what it was like to be our age, and so they wonder why we're so stupid. They forgot.

It's like everything I do is always wrong and I can never do or say the right thing. Im trying so hard but all I do is screw up.


Me every night. My friends are asleep. My love is asleep. I am alone. Crying, shaking, completely a mess. No one can help me. I am a lost cause.<<< Nobody is a lost cause. Once you tell family then they can help you feel surrounded by love and not alone.

And I need this person now be for it's too late.

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...über die Einsamkeit, Verzweiflung, das Leben... Wie es weitergeht... Wo es hinführt

And I think and think. And then I get music playing and talk to people about random things. Because thinking hurts my brain. And hurting just plain sucks.