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a drawing of an old fashioned car in the snow, with two men looking at it
a drawing of a person with a flower in their hand and an orange hat on
Jean Giraud Moebius (1938 2012)
a painting of a man riding on the back of a white horse in a desert
a painting of a woman holding a snake in her hand and wearing a black dress
a drawing of a man driving a car on the road next to a giant object
Mirror Maelstrom
a man standing next to a red cat in the middle of a forest with trees
an image of a comic strip with different scenes
Portrait, Croquis, Fotografie, Kunst, Art Inspo, Artwork, Resim
two pictures of people on the beach, one is throwing something in the air and the other has an umbrella
an image of a sci - fi space ship flying in the sky over mountains and deserts
Moebius Art on Twitter
an orange vehicle with two people standing next to it in the desert, and one man is looking on
an image of a man sitting on top of a giant building in the middle of the night
70s Sci-Fi Art: Photo
a man sitting at a table in front of a cat and another person on the ground
Behold Moebius’ Many Psychedelic Illustrations of Jimi Hendrix