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an image of some kind of artwork with flowers and moths in the background on a dark blue
'Midnight Bugs' Sticker by Carly Watts
Midnight Bugs
a poster with different types of dogs and cats on it's back side, all in various colors
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Daily Design Inspiration
a poster with different types of bugs and other insect species on it's back
SCHOOL POSTERS - Loulou and Tummie
SCHOOL POSTERS – Loulou and Tummie
a group of birds standing next to each other on top of a white sheet with black, yellow and orange colors
charlie harper illustration
an image of many different animals and insects
Charley Harper
a whale is floating in the water with a red flower
the best of friends can be very different from each other....
a black and white drawing of a frog
Iconic Circus
Iconic Circus by Cansu Cender, via Flickr, Love the positive, negative use of pattern here. Exciting. More to view in this gallery!
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Crystal Green Frog Brooch Pin
a blue frog sitting on top of a black button
Phi Frog
an orange frog sitting on top of a green leaf
A Glimpse of What We've Lost: 10 Extinct Animals in Photos
In many ways the Golden Toad is an iconic species when it comes to extinction. Only described to science in 1966, and once abundant in a 30 square mile area of the cloud forest above Monteverde, Costa Rica, none of the 2" long toads have been sighted since the 15th of May 1989. The reason for sudden extinction is not conclusively known, but habitat loss and chytrid fungus are the likely culprits.
two green frogs sitting next to each other
frog icon
four different types of alligators are shown in black and white
WORLD REPORT by Elsa Jenna, via Behance
a green frog with red eyes and orange legs is floating in the air on a white background
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Kikker, Geometrische druk, Originele illustratie, animal print, Minimal art, Kunst van de Muur