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Stretches and sprinting :)

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9 Easy Foam Roller Stretches to Erase Back Pain

Use these 9 foam rolling exercises to relieve back pain and achieve overall balance in your body. Start with a medium thickness foam roller.

If You Have Poor Posture, Try this Yoga Stretch

From learning how to nap anywhere to knowing what your tongue says about you, body hacks can improve your life. You'll learn everything from how to nap to how super foods can improve your life.

You're sweating, panting, and shaking a little—it was a great workout, but you're exhausted. Make sure you keep your post-workout habits healthy so that you get the most from your efforts. Too tired to stretch afterward? Don’t chicken out. Your body needs those few minutes of stretching to release built-up lactic acid from the muscles. Want more inspiration? Read on as eBay shares a list of the worst things you can do after a workout.

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Nothing feels better than completing a good, invigorating workout. But there are a few harmful habits that can ruin a all the effort you had just put into your sweat session. Avoid doing the following...

9 Amazing Stretches To Release Shoulder Pain

Melt away achy shoulder pain with these easy mobility moves.

Running Program for Absolute Beginners | Skinny Ms.

Our Running Program for Absolute Beginners will help you take baby steps toward reaching your goals. The beginner's running program, below, is designed for those with absolutely no running experience.

7 Exercises That Instantly Un-Hunch Your Shoulders

Shoulder pain is way more common than you think—these simple stretches will help you find relief!


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Replace 3 nonconcurrent runs with Another cardio workout (stairs or yoga) to give leg muscles and shins a rest from running.

Spring Workout Plan

Replace 3 nonconcurrent runs with Another cardio workout (stairs or yoga) to give leg muscles and shins a rest from running.

Flamingo Pose can be practiced at the beginning of a yoga sequence

Here at gymguider, we hear people in the gym discussing and asking the same question all the time, “Do I need to stretch?” In answer to this, yes, stretching is important. You should stretch before any form of physical activity and also after. It doesn’t need to be long and it doesn’t need to be boring! So why stretch? What’s […]

30 Minute Strength Workout for Runners — Sarah Canney | Run Far Girl

We all know that strength training is complimentary to running. But if you've ever been injured and found yourself in physical therapy, what you may have discovered is that strength training isn't just complimentary to running, it is ESSENTIAL to avoiding injury and running strong. Avoid Injury

I always get sooo worried before meets

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This teaches you about the track life

Everyone is going through life with their own unique perspective.

Sometimes life will throw you some hurdles, and you will trip over each and every one.

This is me every single time at a track meet ha ha

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