Юлия Коренфельд

Юлия Коренфельд

Юлия Коренфельд
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Gästebuch von baby543

An illustration of my own Phearox character Aaron. I just couldn't resist and had to draw him XD Hope you like it Other stuff made by me: ---------------------------.


The racoon is painted with water color. The colors are dark for such a small creature. I like how to paint drips down from his face and body.

Svenja Jödicke

Eye paintings // Svenja Jödicke "I see myself." Have students finish the sentence with how they see them selves in the future.

p i n t e r e s t || sarahesilvester

Looks great as is, but the best part is that there are 3 simple hairstyles that can be done using these 2 simple dutch braids! Click through for the tutorials.