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sleeves examples male female long folds clothes

[Drawing] Sleeves (and Hands)

Another one I made. *menacingly plays keytar*

draw the squad- funny


really really simple facial expressions drawing chibi ideas


Pixiv Id 10705197 Mobile Wallpaper - Zerochan Anime Image Board

DTSAAJ by cRoxoverGoddess

no Uriel Misiek Rafałek i Gabryś normalnie w tej kolejności

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"Shhhhhhhhh," Nyx pushed a hand into Icarus' face. Icarus responded with both middle fingers and hissed swears, but Nyx looked away and did not respond.

Löffel draws

My favorite squad draw meme thing ever

Squad Poses, dragonfairy77:   draw the spuad

Squad - Ocs - Otps - Reference draw the squad

i dont know WHY this is so funny X3

Sassy Octopus, draw the squad (no need to ask, but do mention.

So long, Gay Bowser, Draw the squad