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Almost like a skull rack- but a bikes bar and seat as a current bike (or anything) rack!

Upcycle old bike parts- almost like a skull rack- but a bike's bar and seat as a current bike rack. Looks great on its own or with a bike hanging from it. Would be a cool gift too!

The Hockenheim makes this possible: A clever storage system for newspapers, sustainable and individual piece of furniture with Abovorteil! The stool frame, made ​​from the finest birch wood, in a youth workshop (near Coburg) lovingly hand crafted, waxed and brushed. Each nju pillow is unique, which is also handmade in Coburg. Even the leather straps are used for the Hockenheim specifically configured and equipped with hand buckles and rivets.

Old Magazines Become Stylish Furniture -

Make a Stool Using Old Magazines, Two Belts, and a Pillow. We all have a old magazines and belts.

How cool would this be in a doctor's office?  Maybe a waiting room or a coffee shop.  A hair salon? A spa? Perfect to combine shopping and waiting into a smaller space.

idreamcreateandadmire: “Object-B “I climb on a chair. I put books on a ladder. If things are freed from their own unique functions, we might agonize over how to use this objects.” by Seung Yong Song ”

Tejo Reims, Droog Design.  "Rag chair" made of recycled textiles belted together.

"Designer Tejo Remy reused waste clothes to make this comfortable, innovative and efficient chair. He made the chair in such a way that even the waste clothes look great, attractive and unique. For the framework, he used steel strips and rags.

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