4 Homemade Fixes to Cure Problem Skin; this looks fun

We all suffer from skin issues now and then. Whether you are plagued by oily skin, dull skin, dry skin, or acne scars… you are not alone. Here are 4 of the most common skin problems, as well as 4 simple DIY skin-care recipes.

Straffende Gesichtscreme selber machen

Straffende Gesichtscreme selber machen - Rezept und Anleitung

Creme dich 3 mal die Woche mit diesem Rezept ein und du wirst dich nicht wiedererkennen. Ganz einfach zum selber machen.

Many cosmetic companies promise always the most fantastic results with their (expensive) creams, face masks or anti-wrinkle agents. But why put a lot of money in often even unhealthy cosmetics, which often do not even keep their promises can?

Behandlung mit Tomate gegen fettige Haut und Akne

Granny's tip against facial imperfections - Granny's Tips

Fruchtsäurecreme selber machen - Rezept und Anleitung

Fruchtsäurecreme selber machen - Rezept und Anleitung

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Oatmeal is a wonder food that does not just enrich your health but also enhances your skin and beauty. Oatmeal when combined with other ingredients can off

Peeling selber machen - Rezepte gegen Pickel und fettige Haut

Skin fitness A facial is a great way to implement good skin care hygiene and skin fitness. Facials offer many benefits including the opportunity to work with a professional skin care special…

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Baking soda makes an excellent remedy for itchy skin. It can also be used to treat heartburn and acid indigestion. See 10 Home Remedies for Itching and 14 Home Remedies for Heartburn to learn more. Discovery Health "Home Remedies Image Gallery"