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Photo of ribbon bookmarks with felt ends. Example of blanket stitch. Something like this would be a good idea for a beginning sewing project. They might make good gifts for a child to give or to put in a book?

Beautiful DIY ribbon bookmarks

DIY Ribbon Bookmarks

Beautiful DIY ribbon bookmarks use vintage jewelry from thrift stores, velvet ribbon and clamps. So easy and beauitful uses ribbon clanps

Ribbon Bookmark

Ribbon Bookmark Here's a great quickie project that you can do with craft scrap that you probably already have in your house! All you will need is: ribbon (length depends on your book size) button hair elastic. (use to hold journal closed)

Talkative Bookmarks

24 Insanely Clever Gifts For Book Lovers

If nothing at all, this ARTORI Design Decorative Word BookMark page marker will do for my birthday.