IT'S YOUR CHOICE inspirational: You have the power to change how the story ends

Drawing Tutorial - Curves on Girls by *Ai-Bee on deviantART

Tutorial - Curves on Girls by *Ai-Bee on deviantART. Reaaaal good tut on different body types. In her deviant there is also a lot of links to others tutorials for men and women body types. If you draw characters, go see this.

'Wir wissen nicht, was andere Menschen denken oder fühlen. Wir interpretieren ihr Verhalten und sind dann wegen unserer eigenen Gedanken beleidigt.' #beziehung #liebe #freundschaft ~

We do not know what other people think or feel. We interpret their behavior and are then insulted because of our own thoughts.

I've pinned this quote a million times b/c it so resonates with me. Love this version.


I'm taking german so one day I will be able to read it.

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I m only responsible for what I say not for what you understand

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