Thibaut Malet, ébéniste sur

Thibaut Malet

A wooden art toy of the LEGO-figure made by Thibaut Malet, who has only made 20 copies

Food art - Cauliflower/Broccoli poodle

Funny pictures about Vegetable Poodle . Oh, and cool pics about Vegetable Poodle . Also, Vegetable Poodle photos.


Face made of vegetables by: Alex J. Jefferies Face made of vegetables by: Alex J. Jefferies Face made of vegetables by: Alex J.

Watermelon art...Spooky...

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Creative Food Art by Brock Davis | Bored Panda - a new site that I should never have visited! LOL

Creative Food Art by Brock Davis

Cucumber Killer Whale by Brock Davis.this isn't really a "recipe" it's more of a technique but what a cute idea. you could make a smaller one next to it to have a baby alongside like our Puget Sound orcas

Watermelon art- that's crazy

Watermelon Carvings Art & Sculpture is a creative and fresh approach to prove an artist’s skill and ingenuity. A fruit is converted in to a piece that.

Laurent Seroussi

‘Entitled Insectes, this incredible set was created by photographer and graphic designer Laurent Seroussi who combined the beauty of the human female form with fascinating, symmetrical, and leggy bug bodies.’ (via DesignSwan)

Carved fruit

Amazing what all Jack can do with sculpturing Fruit. Hummingbird made from Apples. His 'Swans' with'em apples are awesome too. I taught him everythg. Now the 'Mistakes'? Well, he learn those ALL by himself.