Creative Mom Turns Her Baby’s Naptime Into Dream Adventures | Queenie Liao

Photographer Queenie Liao, mother of three, has created a wonderful series called "Wengenn in Wonderland" turning her baby's naptime into dream adventures. Just love it.

Galeria - Escritórios Corporativos CIT Group Cidade do México / OXIGENO ARQUITECTURA - 2

Galeria de Escritórios do CIT Group Cidade do México / OXIGENO ARQUITECTURA - 2

Like: Focus wall, black background, perfect for the gold Moorland Mayfair Lion face with possible lighting behind the lion

kumi yamashita: constellation nail art

'Constellation' portrait by Kumi Yamashita. Created with thousands of small galvanized nails, and a single, unbroken, sewing thread.

Judith Braun - Large Scale Finger Drawings

Judith Braun

New Yorker female artist Judith Ann Braun creates all these wonderful painting and abstract patterns using her fingers dipped in charcoal dust. Take a peek at some of her work below.

Profiles of Milan | Francesco Paleari

Profiles of Milan

Aqueous Electro: New Underwater Ink Photos by Mark Mawson

Aqueous Electro

A picture from the Aqueous Electreau series by photographer Mark Mawson. This stunning image was created by dropping different hues and densities of paint to water. The result is complex kaleidoscopes of colour that Mark describes as "alien".

Portraits | Alexander Khokhlov

Black & White Portraits

Black and white face paint illustrations on the faces of models by Russian photographer Alexander Khokhlov and make-up artist Valeriya Kutsan

The Drowning Project | Alban Grosdidier

The Drowning Project

Fiction of the Fabricated Image | Seon Ghi Bahk

Columns of Suspended Charcoal

Seon Ghi Bahk artist based in Seoul unveils its latest made ​​charcoal works that hang from son nylon to form columns or abstract representa.

Color of Beats by Yanzhou Bao

Color of Beats

Color of Beats by Yanzhou Bao (a. Darth Pau) Designer: Hailey Chan Make-Up Artist: Vivi Suzuki Model: Danielle (Bravo Agency) Yanzhou Bao was born in mainland China and is now living and working.

Beibeees | Ink Portraits by Alberto Seveso


Stunning Ink Portraits Fragmented in Water - Alberto Seveso. This piece is beautiful. The way the colours blend with the image makes this piece stand out from anything that I have ever seen. I really like the texture the water/ink gives to the portrait.

Soap Bubbles

Fabian Oefner

Swiss photographer Fabian Oefner used high-speed flash photography to capture the brief life of soap bubbles. The bubbles reflect a vivid spectrum of color