Learn How to Draw Eyes

Pencil Portrait Mastery - Learn how to draw eyes to create a realistic portrait. - Discover The Secrets Of Drawing Realistic Pencil Portraits


Anatomy basic shapes - most people know of these simple drawing rules. But when you are having fun drawing you somehow ignore them, or maybe thats just me? Anyways, i beleive using them more consistently would improve my drawings a lot!

Wie die Nase ziehen

How to draw and paint tutorials video and step by step: How to draw a nose. I've always had the hardest time with noses.

fashion sketch body proportions.....Brings back art school memories!

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Nose Tutorial

Nose Tutorial Resource by ~ConceptCookie on deviantART Noses are notoriously difficult to draw, and this tutorial really simplifies things well. One would say the artist got it "right on the nose.

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