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Holiday Necklaces by Oborochann on DeviantArt Adorable. I think this could be adapted for the pottery badge. For the sculpture part then make the beads to go with it. Naybe to do in Nov. so they can do holiday things.

Kawaii Sky Necklaces by =Oborochann - i miss my little cloud necklace..i wonder where it went?

Moon charm - Kawaii Sky Necklaces by =Oborochann - i miss my little cloud necklace.i wonder where it went?

Schaffen Sie mit diesen 14 DIY-Ideen selbst die schönste Kunst... Nummer 5 möchte ich noch heute machen! - DIY Bastelideen

Emily: I created this with teal, navy, lime green, yellow, and orange acrylic paint colors and used spray paint instead of acrylic paint for the white. The tape takes FOREVER to put on! haha - Diy For Teens

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"Ich esse Schokolade..." Originaldruck