How to Build a Floating Deck

How to Build a Fabulous DIY Floating Deck

Creative, efficient and attractive way to divert water away from the house.

CORNER of FRONT PORCH Such a creative idea! Stack flat rocks under the gutter downspout for a beautiful dry waterfall landscape idea. Love that they added ground cover plants too! Great for hiding an unsightly corner.

Großartig - einfach zwei Äste einbetonieren, links und rechts vom Gartentisch aufstellen und eine Lichterkette daran befestigen.

Unique DIY String Light Poles with Concrete Base. These DIY string light poles are extra sturdy and they look unlike any string light poles we’ve seen, with tree trunks taking the place of wooden or metal poles in the concrete bases.

Mit einem Bausatz ist ein Igelhaus schnell selbst gemacht. Der Vorteil hier: Das Haus ist an die Bedürfnisse des Igels angepasst. Du musst es nur noch mit Laub befüllen und Futter reingeben und der Igel kann sein neues Heim beziehen.

Igelhaus bauen

This hedgehog house will be a special place for these lovely litte animals. Furthermore vermin will no longer harm your garden, because hedgehogs eat them. So you both benefit from this wooden house.

What a great idea for decorating your she shed! Festive greenery and classic holiday decoration turn this she shed into a winter wonderland. A simple wreath can go a long way in spreading christmas cheer! A great idea for the elf on a shelf too!

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After a short 30 hour drive, we made it to Nantucket. Sharing a little recap of our trip and of July on A Dash of Details.


Mis sillas antiguas quedarían muy bien en este rincón secreto al aire libre.A beautiful spot in the garden. Garden still life. And I love the garden retreat in the background!