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a portrait of a woman holding a bird
Pre-Raphaelite frames…
D.G. Rossetti, Monna Vanna, 1866, Tate. This has a ‘Watts’ frame, with a punched design like brocade on the frieze, & the same outer frame as FM Brown, Jesus Washing Peter’s Feet, of black flutes striped with gold. Brown described the punched 'Watts' frame as ‘a Venecian [sic] pattern (much liked now by friends of mine …) – to be had at Messrs Green & Co…
a painting on display in a museum
Restoring a Pre-Raphaelite frame
Burne-Jone, King Cophetua and the Beggar Maid, 1884, Tate before conservation of the frame in 2012. The frame had been enlarged to take a removable glazing door, so that the original artist's frame was changed in proportion, detail and look. By Alastair Johnson
an ornate gold frame with leaves and flowers on the edges, against a black background
(#25) An Italian carved giltwood frame, Venice, circa 1770
Italian Carved Gilt-wood Frame | Venice, circa 1770